The people at Lehigh Valley Writers' Symposium, PhotoQuest101 and Photo Model Sessions share the joys of learning and teaching the new realities and opportunities in 

writing, photography, modeling, entrepreneurship, internet marketing and other interesting topics such as Adobe PhotoShop and Lightroom. 

We bring you real-world meetups with fascinating people in visually compelling locations with exciting themes to enhance your learning experience. 

We have been doing all this right here in the beautiful Lehigh Valley for over 10 years. We bring creative artists, writers, editors, photographers, filmmakers, producers, entrepreneurs, educators and consultants together for productive social-educational get-togethers, workshops, classes, outings, daytrips and lectures at ridiculously low prices.

We currently have around 800 local registered members and another 1200 worldwide members online at the Lehigh Valley International Writers' Symposium

In addition to special events, classes and photo shoots our photographers enjoy Round Table Discussions on the last  Tuesday of each month. 

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